The Little River Casino Manistee

little river casino manistee

The Little River Casino Manistee

If you are interested in some fun entertainment, and a great deal of luck and gambling, try the Little River Casino Manistee. The layout of this casino is that of an old warehouse in a small town. There are some amusement rides that will take you to different parts of the large warehouse. The rides come with an experienced guide and they show you how to use the various machines and what they do and how to watch out for certain things.

One of the highlights of the Little River Casino Manistee is the game room. Each game room has its own unique theme. They are really the highlight of the entire area. There are themed rooms where you can choose which one you want to play. There are some casinos that have the historical theme which would be right for you.

The casino floor at the Little River Casino Manistee is very fun and exciting. You will see the very best that gambling can offer. You can choose from blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, etc. The games that are offered in the casino include tables for everyone, both the winners and the losers, so everyone gets to play.

There are some rickety machines that are there for people to gamble on. There are not real gambling tables but they are in an amusement area that is more of a gaming environment. The people that will be spending their money in the casino must be willing to spend it in this way.

This casino is located on the south side of Lake Height in Mid-Michigan. It is just off of US 21. It is just over an hour’s drive north of Detroit.

This casino is more of a convention center than a casino in that it has a banquet hall. Most of the food you will find in the banquet hall is from local restaurants and there are other concession stands that have local foods as well. The banquet hall is not very large but there are several banquet halls in the Mid-Michigan area that can accommodate a large crowd for dinner.

The only complaint that you might hear about the Little River Casino Manistee is that it doesn’t have enough games. They claim that the amount of games is not enough for the people that will be coming in to play and then having the pleasure of playing the games. However, they would like to have the capability to expand the area.

When you are at the Little River Casino Manistee, you will see some of the nicest people that you will meet. This is truly a great way to enjoy a day. You will find the people in the old warehouses are the nicest people that you will ever meet. If you like your gambling close to home, then this is the place for you.


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