New Orleans’ Big E Reception – The Big M Casino in Baton Rouge

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New Orleans’ Big E Reception – The Big M Casino in Baton Rouge

A few days ago I was in the Big M Casino Little River Scenic Railroad, which is a great place to see the sights and sounds of the railroad, the surrounding area and many other attractions. One of the best things about the train is that it’s so close to where I live, so I get to enjoy my vacation in comfort. But then again, maybe I’m getting too comfortable here.

A little bit of digging brought me to see that the Big M Casino just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans is actually part of the Louisiana Purchase, one of the largest transfers of land ever made in history. The main attraction in the area is the famous “Big E” or the Big E Reception, which is set up right in front of the entrance to the casino, overlooking the Little River. The reception was designed by none other than the famous artist Andy Warhol. It’s an impressive piece of artwork and a must visit for anyone who visits this area.

The Little River is also well known for its natural beauty and all of the water features that are found within the waterway, including the Big River. You can get the scoop on many of the different features of this waterway and many others through a website that offers guided tours of these water features. This is truly a one-of-a-kind destination that provides an incredible escape for those who visit the area. There are many activities for tourists, including boat tours, river rafting and fishing.

But there’s no getting away from the fact that the Big M Casino is a great place to go with your family and friends. The restaurant is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you can relax and enjoy your time at the casino. Plus, you’ll find that you can purchase food at several locations before you go home. These are among the best amenities you can expect to have in a casino, especially if you are a lover of fine food.

The Big E Reception is open daily from April to November, but you can still find some quality food at the Little River, which is located near downtown New Orleans. Most people love to get up at the crack of dawn, drive to the Little River and sit at the edge of the river and enjoy some freshly caught oysters or fish as the sun begins to rise above the waters of the river. It’s a wonderful way to begin the day!

My only real complaint about the casino is the fact that they have not made room for all of the people who use the casino for a variety of reasons. The Big E Reception is located on the hotel property and parking has become somewhat of an issue. If you want to avoid this problem, then you may want to look into the New Orleans Hilton, which is located around the corner. That hotel is very close to both the casino and the Little River and offers some of the best parking you will find anywhere in town.


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